Why Moonstone Always Comes on The Top of The Gemstone List?

Why Moonstone Always Comes on The Top of The Gemstone List?

Moonstone strengthens the growth within the individual. When worn in the form of moonstone jewelry, it illuminates the wearer’s soul through its cut, color, and clarity. This gem’s milky formation and shimmer are available in multiple colors, enabling fortune and enabling light to the individual’s life.

Learn About Some Physical Depth of Moonstone

The moonstone crystal certainly has spiritual features, but first, you should know about the physical characteristics and stone’s technicalities. The RI of the moonstone ring is a worthy knowing point in defining this stone’s quality. Specifically, it comes 1.520-1.525 in terms of the index. The adularescence induces the moonstone glow when the light refracts inside the microscopic layers. And these feldspar layers are responsible for forming the moonstone’s sheen and are close to the extent of light wavelength.

Adding more, the moonstone’s specific gravity lies 2.58. And is irresistible on the basis of its toughness, which lies 6-6.5 on the scale, thus making it a desirable stone for daily or occasional wear. And when it’s about ethical sourcing, then Rananjay exports offers high-quality gems from countries such as, India, Myanmar, Australia, Sri Lanka to provide you genuineness in every piece.

Tips For Buying Moonstone Jewelry


The color of this gem plays an essential role in defining the authenticity of the real moonstone jewelry. And ranges from transparent to semi-transparent. Well, the inclusion would be largely seen within the stone and is chosen on the basis of the adularescence. The high quality of this gem is evident in its glassy appearance with ample hues. This includes yellow, rainbow, black, green, pink, white. The blue sheen is the prominent attribute, along with the adularescence or light play is also apparent in the white and silver shades.


The least inclusion in moonstone jewelry represents clarity. Its value and price structure are highly dependent on the inclusions and adularescence.


When it’s about the cut selection, then cabochon catches the eyes. No wonder it looks great in beads and other types. In fact, the faceted appear alluring in the moonstone pendant. The benefits of picking the cabochon form are due to its exceptional color spectrum and sheen. Furthermore, you may also check the impressive cuts in the moonstone pendant, which is sufficient to hold the gem lover’s attention. The best gem to showcase the intensity from cut, thus giving it the identity of being ideal.


As per the requirements of an individual, the size and carat weight of this gem varies. Therefore, even the moonstone’s jewelry price relies on such factors, which vary from astrological suggestions.

What Keeps This Gem in Trend?

The favourability of moonstone jewelry is different and hard to resist than many other stones based on their physical and spiritual characteristics. And this is what magnifies the interests of professional wearers, bohemians, and hippies towards it. Almost every fashionista is trying to update their stock with the moonstone collection, mainly because of the shade, versatility, and glimmer.

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The existence of this gem is enough to give it differentiation in order to procure your favourable appearance. If you’re figuring about the material combination, then sterling silver and rose gold vermeil can intensify the underlying aspects. This magnificent gem matches all the classical and western outfits with multiple hues.

Where to Buy Moonstone?

Moonstone’s demand is high because of its alluring presence and shimmery glance. And rananjay exports offers you high-quality wholesale moonstone jewelry to upgrade your gemstone collection.

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