Why Qandle is the Most Recommended Software for Payroll in India?

The most critical pillar to any company’s success is its human resource. Any good Human Capital Management platform will ensure smooth onboarding and resolution of all employees’ queries, as well as helping them grow and learn within the company. Qandle, a cloud-based, all-in-one HR platform, was designed with employees in mind. It was founded with the mission of creating connected, empowered and engaged workplaces. It assists HR departments with strategic and administrative tasks. It is intuitive and user-friendly. It provides all HR needs, including Core HR, Talent Management, Payroll and Expenses, on one interface.

Recognizing the gap in HR Services and Deciding how to address it

Chayan Mukhopadhyay, the CEO and Co-Founder of Qandle. Chayan launched Perkkx, an employee benefit platform when he decided to venture into entrepreneurship. When Chayan approached HRs from different companies to pitch his solution, they spoke candidly about their real pain points – an end-to-end HR software. Perkkx could provide an integrated HR tool that works seamlessly, they asked. Employee benefits were good to have, but a well-functioning tool for HR was what they needed. Chayan then saw the need and determined to fill it.

Chayan and Himanshu (now CEO and CTO) connected by serendipitous connections. Himanshu had experienced similar frustrations with HR tools in his past organizations. Himanshu was a techie throughout his career. They had a conversation about the idea and realized that they were complementary in their skills. Together, they decided to create Qandle.

Top-Notch Solutions

Qanbot (AI Chatbot),: Qanbot acts as an assistant for employees to handle their HR queries. It answers employees’ general questions on behalf of HR and frees up HRs to do more important tasks. Employees can chat with Qandle Assistant to quickly complete their tasks. It allows employees to keep track of their attendance and leave balances. They can also request attendance regularizations or apply for time off.

Qandle Touchless: Qandle Touchless is a way to track employees’ attendance and eliminate the need to touch common surfaces. This solution provides an alternative to Biometric and Card-based attendance systems for organizations. It can be dangerous to use attendance systems that require physical contact with a common device in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Qandle Touchless offers 4 solutions for tracking attendance. Employees don’t have to touch any surface. It also increases the accuracy of measurements. Qandle Touchless offers both employees and HR personnel significant safety and convenience.

Remote Work: Adapting to the Culture

Qandle’s main focus is on helping clients and adapting to remote working. Qandle introduced remote tracking and task management modules last year in response to the pandemic.

Clients also rave about the excellent customer service provided by the team, which is why they choose them over other companies.

Qandle values feedback and seeks input from all stakeholders in order to solve the most pressing customer problems at any time.

Automating Automation Benefits Both Employees and Employers

Chayan shares his thoughts on the effects of the current pandemic in HRM. He mentions that Human Resources Management (HRM) is one sector which is in desperate need of automation to move employees and professionals from repetitive and mundane tasks Business to more strategic ones. Pandemic has highlighted the importance of automation and tech implementation within the HR department of organizations, which can greatly benefit both employees and employers.

Moreover, Artificial Intelligence is used in the Employee SelfService (ESS), Customised Applicant tracking Systems (ATS), and Learning Management Systems (LMS) are just a few of the many solutions that HRs are using to win the talent battle. These technologies are helping organizations create a positive work environment, multiple growth opportunities, and communicate with employees efficiently. They also streamline payroll, attendance, and other processes to ensure that they feel valued.

These technological advances have made employees happier, more productive, and also helped them grow as professionals.

Embracing new digital technologies to boost efficiency

Qandle continues to improve in order to meet the changing needs of its customers. Qandle launched remote tracking and task management modules in response to the last year’s pandemic.

Qandle also changed its collaboration module to make it more suitable for remote work. To reduce the risk of transmission, touchless attendance was implemented once people began to return to work. Remote working was initially a challenge for professionals and HR teams. But it is now the norm. The HR industry is now seeing the benefits of remote working. Because of the lack of face-to-face interaction, HR leaders are turning to digital technology and tools to increase the productivity and efficiency of their employees.

Make Solution more intuitive and configurable

Qandle continues to improve the solution, making it easier and more configurable. It is a technology-first company and is one of very few Indian HR tech companies with a Tech Cofounder. This is crucial for any Tech company.

Himanshu Aggarwal (Co-founder, CTO) drives the tech backbone. Customers are constantly submitting feature requests to improve the product. Qandle releases new versions every two weeks. All customers can see the product roadmap and vote on features to help them prioritize what they want to ship sooner. This transparent process has allowed customers to see exactly what Qandle is working on at any given moment.


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