Do you use lashes for your eyebrows or have you recently dyed them? How did you clean your eyebrows before and after eyebrow tinting?

If you still haven’t found anything reliable, we have the best solution for you to keep your brows looking fresh, thick and shiny—Organic Eyebrow Shampoo.

All types of eyebrow shampoos are currently in the market. You should definitely look at the Mina Eyebrow Shampoo as it is made up of organic herbal compounds and extracts that not only deeply nourish for shiny and thick brows, but also cleans them intensely. According to the user reviews, the product is a very good value for money. You can use it before tinting your brows to remove dust and excess oil. And, if you use it after eyebrow tinting, it will help you remove unwanted stains.

  1. Remove that extra dust before eyebrow tinting

Once you start getting your brows done, you’d just love it simply for the striking edge it gives to your look.

But have you ever thought about the dead skin cells, dirt and oil that accumulates in the pores of eyebrows? Such accumulation can occur due to daily makeup, lip color, excessive sweating during exercise, travel, oily skin or for any other reason.

If you think you can get rid of such impurities by merely using face wash, you are wrong. Eyebrow shampoo is specially designed to deeply clean your skin and eyebrows.

  1. For longer lasting eyebrow tinting

Extend your brow color without much grooming and add beauty to your look. However, if you want your eyebrow tinting to last longer and look natural, you should add regular brow cleanser to your weekly beauty routine.

Brushing your brows with a cleaning brush, using an eyebrow shampoo and a whole grooming kit can beautify your brows. They will eventually start getting softer and smoother.

  1. Grow thicker eyebrows naturally

Who doesn’t want to have thicker eyebrows? But not everyone gets it naturally. The best fix is ​​to take care of your eyebrows, so that they can grow back at a faster rate.

Eyebrow cleansing helps keep your hair follicles open and away from dirt, thus, promoting regrowth.

However, you do not need to wash your eyebrows every day. Just like hair, you can wash it once or twice a week.

  1. Get rid of dandruff

If you have issues of dandruff in your eyebrows, then an eyebrow shampoo is a must for you. Apply a small drop of shampoo to your brows, rub in circles for a deep clean, and pat dry with a paper towel. Finally, you can wash it off with plain water.

If your skin is too dry, you can add a drop of tea tree oil to your eyebrow shampoo and then use it.

  1. Avoid uneven look after henna dye

There’s nothing wrong if you wish to hide grey hair in your eyebrows with henna treatment. However, you must know how to manage it without looking shabby.

Henna eyebrow dye can be treated on dry skin with a mild brow shampoo. It helps remove dead skin and fix the color on your skin better.

Pro Tip: Use Aloe Vera gel after shampooing your eyebrows to keep the skin moist and brows shiny.

Final Words

Keeping your eyebrows clean and hygienic is as necessary as keeping your head and scalp healthy. However, before using any shampoo, conditioner, oil, or scrub, it’s always recommended to get a patch test done to see if it works for you without any side effects. You should also read online reviews to cross examine the result and claims.

We hope this article has been helpful to you in knowing how you can keep your tinted eyebrows healthy and shiny.


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