Why You Should Consider an International Montessori Pre-school in Singapore for Your Child

Why You Should Consider an International Montessori Pre-school in Singapore for Your Child

The first few years of a child’s education shape their future and how they perform in academics, sports, innovation, and community, making building a healthy foundation in social, pre-academic, and general life skills through an excellent preschool very important.

Research shows that students graduating with a pre-school education have improved academic readiness, more self-confidence, higher earnings, and a higher probability of being sound, well-rounded individuals.

Children learn the most when stimulated by a carefully crafted curriculum that helps them learn through exploring and interacting with their peers in a group setting, which alleviates their overall development and grooms them with skills like creativity, confidence, and coordination.

Home is the first place that children gain their knowledge and most of their habits from, but a quality international pre-school education like the award-winning Global Montessori program at GIIS international school of Singapore can help with the child’s emotional, social and personal growth through a holistic learning experience.

Aim of the Montessori Program

The Montessori curriculum has been formulated by renowned Italian physician and educator, Dr. Maria Montessori, and is a method to foster a child’s natural curiosity allowing it to bloom into lessons that enrich the toddler’s communicative, cognitive and creative skills along with their overall development.

The Montessori preschool curriculum creates an environment of experiential learning where children can explore new concepts on their own and teachers act as guides, rather than lecturers, to help children develop a life-long love for learning.

This not only enables children to discover their greatest strengths very early on in their educational journey, but also helps them improve their skills and develop independently, gaining a strong sense of self-discipline, and retaining all of these lessons moving forward and taking the next step in their education i.e. primary school. 

Features of a Montessori Preschool Curriculum in an International private school in Singapore

Experiential learning is the best way to prepare your child for a bright academic and personal future, and the Montessori curriculum is carefully planned to cater to the requirements of your child’s every need. Here are some key features that make Montessori in Singapore the perfect building block to your child’s educational journey:

  • Carefully planned Montessori classrooms that cater to the requirements of children of a given age group
  • Classrooms with children of different age groups to encourage peer-learning and engaging with other students (older children learn by teaching the younger kids and the younger children adapt to the pace of the older children)
  • Specially curated learning materials for children and planned activities for the children to choose from, along with adequate rest time
  • Exposure to outdoor play areas to keep the children physically active and mentally stimulated
  • Montessori lab manipulatives (objects that allow children to explore an idea in a hands-on approach) and daily story-telling sessions 
  • The Five Pillars of the Montessori program are multifaceted and provide a strong foundation for your child’s education
  • Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) certified and Montessori training center approved teachers that have a unique and nurturing pedagogy to polish the children’s skills and strengths 
  • There is no grading or tests thus encouraging a healthy learning environment 
  • Emphasis on skill-building and development in four major areas for well-rounded growth: practical life, sensory, language, and mathematics
  • The classrooms are set up in a specific way

The Montessori program hence provides a wide range of activities and opportunities to allow every single one of the young learners to discover their individual passions, interests, and personal strengths at their own pace.

Additional information on why a Montessori preschool education program is the smartest choice for beginning your child’s education journey:

  • Safe, secure, and stimulating environment

Safety and security is the topmost priority for parents and an environment that is stimulating as well as protected for the children should be the preschool’s responsibility. School campuses that are amplified with the best of safety and security measures like 24×7 guard house, CCTV cameras, Facial Recognition machines, digital locks, etc, like at a reputed International Montessori preschool, Singapore are crucial factors to consider.

  • Enhanced skills and development

The Montessori classroom contributes to a child’s skill and overall development by matching the child’s instinctual interests to the activities planned. Children learn at their own speed and experiential learning is at the heart of the curriculum. This pedagogy helps children advance their present skill set and develop new skills like self-confidence, self-motivation, independence, responsibility for their actions, self-discipline, and have enhanced hand-eye coordination.

  • Practical skills and love for learning

At a Montessori preschool children are taught a wide array of practical life skills to help them develop better coordination, learn the basics of fundamental life skills and enhance focus. This hands-on approach teaches them that life skills are equally proportional to academic and curricular skills, developing within them an appreciation and love for learning. Other practical skills that are groomed include language skills, cognitive skills, motor skills, mathematics, and numeracy skills.

  • Increased parent involvement in learning

A good Montessori school makes sure that the parents are completely involved and up to date with their child’s education, for example, one of the leading international Montessori schools considers parents to be an integral part of their fraternity.

Being in touch with parents and updating them about the progress of their children, well-organized parent engagement programs like the PTA meetings, one-on-one meetings, orientation sessions, and more, make it possible for transparent communication and build a strong relationship between the school and the parents.

  • Technologically advanced and relevant pedagogy

Montessori preschools have an advanced and up-to-date curriculum that strives towards excellence in offering the best of facilities to students. Students are exceptionally trained to be future-ready with the latest technology tools and innovative teaching approaches to make sure that they excel in a technologically advanced digital world.


The formative years of a child’s life play a significant and crucial role in their educational journey and hence can be considered the very foundational building blocks of their education.

Opting for a preschool that meets their child’s intellectual, emotional, creative, and social requirements is the goal for every parent, and a school with the International Montessori preschool curriculum like at GIIS, that meets all of the aforementioned requirements makes it the ideal choice for parents searching for the best international preschool in Singapore.



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