Will Magento SEO Services Benefit Your Online Store?

For those of you that want to avoid a semi-lengthy read, you can stop right here: Yes, Magento SEO services will benefit your online business.

For the remainder of you that need some qualification, here are the reasons just why and how.

Magento is arguably the most robust open-source platform specifically dedicated to eCommerce in the entire industry. There are several positive effects associated with this fact.

Magento is endlessly customizable. If “you can dream it, you can do it,” provided you have access to a team of developers that can handle the assignment. Magento, being open-source, can be customized to integrate with nearly any custom tool or functionality that your developers can create. This means that some of the best online merchants rely on Magento to deliver the ideal user experience.

However, that adaptability comes at a cost. Managing a Magento store is extremely laborious and resource intensive. That bleeds over into marketing efforts like Magento SEO, where you’ll be tasked with optimizing hundreds if not thousands of product, category and content pages that need to be optimized both for UX and aspects of technical SEO.

So, how can Magento SEO services help you manage your digital marketing efforts?

  • By leveraging the power of experience. Magento SEO experts have many years of experience managing the platform, optimizing the varying aspects of Magento pages for technical SEO issues and keyword-optimization.
  • Magento SEO experts can help cut down on excess code that can hinder SEO efforts, while making structural changes to boost your SEO score.
  • Magento specialists can also identify issues with your auto-generated, default Magento HTML sitemap, site speed, meta data and page title tags, and content data (like images) that can hinder speed or which are lacking in areas that affect SEO. They can even make your URLs more SEO-friendly.
  • Magento experts often work with teams of dedicated designers and developers that can make site adjustments that will not only make your Magento store more SEO-friendly but also benefit its UX.
  • SEO experts also work with content producers that will optimize the content on your product pages and category pages as well as in your blog.

By leveraging all of these benefits, the results of an effective Magento SEO campaign can be staggering, including:

  • Increased organic traffic consisting of better qualified leads to your online store.
  • Higher conversion rates and sales associated with those better targeted leads.
  • Better organic rankings on search result pages for competitive keywords
  • Expanded brand reach and recognition
  • And finally, a better overall shopping and user experience that results from all of the positive changes enacted during the campaign.

As you can see, a lot more goes into Magento SEO than simple meta description and URL rewrites, canonical tagging, and improvements to layered navigation and XML sitemaps. More importantly, the benefits you will realize as a result of the campaign are far reaching and will significantly impact your online business – you just need to partner with the right Magento SEO agency.

Cut out the chaff and contact eCommerce® at geniusecommerce.com or by phone or email at 888-982-8269 or info@geniusecommerce.com today. They’ve been optimizing Magento stores since 2012 and stand on a history of success. For your business, it starts with a call.


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