You Can Get Through The Harshest Season of All Seasons In a Wool Coat with Fur Collar

As time advances, so does the worsening of the cold winter atmosphere. It gets so nippy outside that even our own breaths could cut glass, it’s an exaggeration, yes.
But you get the idea.

Somehow, the idea of wrapping ourselves with the most unflattering bundles and puffer coats is no longer out of the ordinary. Not necessarily uncomplimentary but not chic either. This is why couturiers all over the world have designed one coat style that will not only keep you warm and snug on cold days but will also make you corporate ready and equally stylish.: The wool coat with fur collar.

See, most designer boutiques would sell a good length wool coat provided that you bundle it with a nice scarf to keep the frigid air from entering your neckline and inside your overcoat. Without the scarf, your overcoat is deemed inadequate and ineffective as winter clothing. The good thing about Maximilian is that they have exceeded that expectation when it comes to women’s coat style, which is ultimately the addition of a fur collar. Whatever choice of clothes you wear underneath, so long as you put on a fine piece of a genuine wool coat with a fur collar, you’ll look authentically polished all winter season. Check out the following ways on how to wear this investment piece, in casual or formal situations.

Wool Blend Coat With Fox Collar
Winter weather when paired with the most stylish wardrobe will become less bleak and a lot more exciting for every modish woman. Something about it looks fabulous and out of the ordinary. The long wool coat no longer has to be this uncompromising outerwear most working women put on to survive the harsh winds and frosty atmosphere. See, we have to make the most out of every unfavorable situation, and wearing a fabulous wool coat accented with genuine fox fur as a collar will get you through each frigid day. Put on a long-sleeved beige blouse underneath and a pair of black skinny jeans. Finish your look with a pair of knee-high black leather boots and a piece of dainty gold earrings for a classic effect.

Wool Blend Coat With Detachable Fox Collar
Strong harsh winds usually come with cold winter weather and you can power through this with a wool hat with sable section trim. To wear this, just put your hair underneath the wool coat and put on the hat to keep your hair from waving in the wind that could sometimes smack you in the eye which can be truthfully annoying. For a wool coat with a detachable fox collar, you may remove the fox collar when the weather is not that cold anymore. For example, when you’re going out for the night to see a ballet performance at the theater in spring, you may remove the fox fur collar and wear casual clothing underneath like a classic sweater, a pair of jeans, and ankle boots.

Unequivocally there are so many ways to win through unfavorable winter weather and one of those ways is to maintain your stylish stance on the appropriate ensemble. Dare not pull away from keeping things smart, and that includes your choice of clothing. Keep in mind that your clothing shows how much power you hold. If you can get through the harshest season of all seasons, then you can get through anything.

Looking for a genuine wool coat with a fur collar? Look no further, Maximilian has got your back. They have the most exquisite collection of genuine fur pieces and accessories that are no longer available in most physical stores. To get yourself a genuine fur investment. Visit Maximilian today.

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