Your Guide to Local SEO

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for companies with physical branches. Approximately 46% of online searches contain regional information.

Optimise your Google business profile

Google Business Profile is a free service provided by Google. This allows business owners to create business profiles and add relevant information. It can include company name, contact information, address, product/service description, logo, photo of the finished work, etc. Content may contain optimised keywords that help you rank higher in related searches. Google will display your business profile as part of SERP (Search Engine Results Page), and the section will appear at the top of the results. If you optimise your company profile, you’re more likely to appear in the candidate list of affiliates on the search results page. Monitor the performance of your company profile and update the information to take advantage of current trends and strong keywords. SEO services in London are ideal if you are located in that vicinity.

Investigate local keywords and search queries

Keywords play the most crucial role in search engine optimization, especially in targeting the local market. Local keywords are search phrases that include keywords in places. Examples are the country’s name, state, county, or region. Other keywords do not contain the actual location but use words such as “near me,” “nearby,” and “nearby” instead. Google interprets such keywords as location-targeted carriers. Your business will be ranked high in SERPs for local search using your business keywords. It’s essential to research the browsing behaviour of local customers, the most visited websites, search terms, and languages.

Create content about viewer issues

Google and other modern search engines evolve search algorithms to identify websites designed for users rather than machines. Therefore, every company needs to create content that provides a specific problem or solution to the problem. To attract local audiences, you need to create quality content that answers the most pressing questions. Providing solutions and answers can make you stand out as an expert in this field and attract those who want to learn more before committing. Create content that promotes local industry events, trending topics, statistics, educational resources, and more. Such material can be found in the blog section, where relevant issues of local interest are investigated. Make sure that all content contains optimised keywords and is configured to answer specific questions or provide help to your readers. You can also provide links to other resources and business videos, and downloadable material for further reading.

Build Relevant Quality Links

Link structure is essential for site navigation and user experience. Inbound links from other institutions’ websites also play a crucial role in search engine optimization. You need to build an SEO-friendly link structure with high-quality internal and external links. Google and other search engines value inbound links because they show authority and respect for your content/site. Think of Google as a popularity contest. The more other websites link to you, the more valuable it is to Google’s eyes. However, link building is complex and wrong links can harm SEO. Companies can start with a personal network of chambers of commerce, licence offices, resellers and vendors, industry associations, manufacturers, etc. You can also sponsor community events and webinars. You can build new relationships and networks by actively participating in the community, achieving quality inbound links, and better local SEO.

Optimise online citations and directories

The directory contains citations and references for your business. The latest online guide offers the possibility to add more information about your location, address, product, and service. Good examples are Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Yellow Pages, BBB (Better Business Bureau), and Whitepages. You can request citations in your online directory and use local keywords to optimise your business description. Many people use online directories to search for business contacts. Search engines like Google also rate such references, so claiming your mention in a significant directory can positively impact your SEO. Check out the popular guides used by locals to ensure your business is listed and correctly quoted. Such citations are essential for local SEO. This is to create consistent information about your business and build trust with Google and other search engines. This is a vital aspect of digital transformation consulting.


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