Your Reminder to Get New Phonak Domes

Those who rely on their hearing aids will already know how important it is to have the right devices on your side and accessories to match. All of these things brought together have a huge impact on the way that you feel throughout the day as you process sound. If your hearing aids use Phonak domes, then you will already have some experience with choosing your hearing aid domes and swapping them out as often as you feel the need or have been recommended to do. These hearing aid domes are, of course, the silicone caps at the ends of your hearing aid tubes that provide comfort and fit, while also improving the sound quality. If you use these domes with your device, you may be in need of a reminder to purchase new ones. This could be helpful advice for you if you have experienced any of the following.

The Fit Is Wrong
Hearing aid domes come in different sizes, which is meant to give people a better, more comfortable fit. Having your domes be too small can make them fall out more easily and having them too large can make them feel uncomfortable and irritating all day. Not to mention the fit affects the sound quality of your device as well, so it is quite important to feel good about the size of domes you wear. Thankfully this is an easy thing to adjust and customize based on your preferences.

You’re Running Low
This is fairly straightforward, but it is a good reminder to stay well-stocked on your Phonak domes. These are accessories you use daily and replace somewhat frequently, so you want to make sure you never run so low that you have to hurry to place a new order.

Want to Try Closed or Open Domes
If you are currently using either open or closed domes exclusively, but you are curious about the other, then you may want to give them a try. You could start by speaking to your doctor and asking if one may be better for you based on your experience using one or the other. After that, you could purchase your new domes and see what works best for you.

You are likely well aware of this already, but anyone who uses a hearing aid device should understand the importance of staying supplied with the exact pieces that you need. From cleaning products to backup batteries and new Phonak domes, you want to have a mix of everything you need in order to keep your devices in good shape and performing well so that they can last as long as possible and perform just the way you want them to every single day. If any of the points made here resonated with you, it may be time you picked up some new Phonak hearing aid domes. You should pay a visit to and check out some of the Phonak domes they have available at all times. They are an incredibly helpful resource in staying supplied with hearing aid accessories and supplies, so they are easy to recommend to anyone who wants to get all of their supplies in one shop. Check out their hearing aid domes and improve the way your devices work for you.

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