These Schwinn Retro Unicycles Are a Blast from the Past

Schwinn Bicycle Company, founded in 1895, may best be known for some of its iconic bicycles that heralded the golden age of cycling, but they created a few oddities in their day, too – especially when they were still headquartered in Chicago.

Among the many different interesting machines, Schwinn created were their Sting-Ray, Deluxe Twin and AeroCycle – but Schwinn also produced some unicycles as well. The Schwinn retro unicycles you can still find online at are an homage to that past production.

At, there are currently two Schwinn retro unicycles available; a 20 and a 24-inch model. Their sizing is one of the only aspects that differentiate them; they are very alike in many other ways.

Both of them sport bright orange 2 piece steel frames with flat crowns; their frames are still made the way they were when they were produced in Chicago. These Schwinn retro unicycle’s frames feature 40mm stamped main cap bearing housings, and the fork is attractively emblazoned with “Schwinn.”

They also feature Schwinn 36H hardened CrMo (Chromoly steel that is not only hard and strong but also corrosion resistant) spindles with a space of 100mm, center to center bearing. Both models come with United cotterless steel crank arms; the 20-inch model has 114mm crank arms whereas the 24 inch comes with 140mm cranks. Both models sport black Nimbus plastic pedals.

Though they come with differently sized Innova tires and Schwinn rims, the rims are alike in construction. Both models feature black Schwinn single wall aluminum rims as well as 14G stainless chrome spokes; they are light, strong, and durable. Classified as cruiser unicycles, both of these models accept a 2.125” inch wide Innova tire that is suitable for on-road riding over flat, even, paved surfaces.

Both Schwinn unicycles also feature the same seat post and saddle; they have a 22.2mm by 350mm, 4-hole steel Schwinn seat post with a welded rectangular mounting bracket and a Schwinn saddle that features a front lift handle and a bumper. These enhancements make it not only comfortable but also easy to transport.

Naturally, the smaller of these Schwinn retro unicycles is most suitable for riders with smaller inseam lengths. It’s suggested that the 20-inch model is most suitable for riders with a minimum inseam length of 28 inches whereas the larger 24-inch model recommends a minimum inseam length of 33 inches. Outside of these suggestions, the height of the seat post can be adjusted for comfort.

If you’re interested in additional specifications regarding either of these Schwinn retro unicycles, feel free to inquire at; you can also see what customers have to say on their product pages; reviews are very favorable and you may be able to consult them to clear up any remaining questions you have on these throwback unicycles.

You can also reach out to’s customer service team to clear up any of your remaining questions. Feel free to reach them via the live chat feature on their website or by phone or email, at 678-494-4962 or at, respectively.

While either of these Schwinn unicycles would make a notable addition to nearly anyone’s growing collection, also boasts one of the largest collections of unicycles and odd bikes online. If your interests skew more toward Muni or trail riding, freestyle riding, or even touring instead of historical collectibles, there is plenty on their website to catch your interest. Visit their website and reach out to their customer service team if you have any questions!

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